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As the author of the melody and the text of “Mein Studentenmädchen”, I want to offer all my patients with this magical melody. I forbid any changes to the original, which I look upon as sacred and healing. I forbid as well any commercial use in every regard. “Mein Studentenmädchen” is only for one’s personal use.
Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The Audio CD contains one small leaflet (only in German and Spanish) and three versions of „Mein Studentenmädchen“ in the WAV format (uncompressed digital audio format):

  1. Chorversion (A gestimmt auf 440 Hz)
  2. Hamer mit Streichquartet (A gestimmt auf 441 Hz).
  3. Hamer mit Begleitung von Violoncello (A gestimmt auf 432 Hz).

I advise patients that they only listen to the optimal version, and this is the 3rd verion (Dr. Hamer accompanied by cello) with the pitch of A tuned to 432 Hz, which resulted to be double as effective compared to the previous two versions.

After confirming these fantastic effects of the original version of “Mein Studentenmädchen) with hundreds of patient cases, I now would like to make this song, which proved to be a true gift of god, available to all my patients.

It is absolutely necessary to know the Germanic Medicine to understand the wonderful effects of this Archaic Melody and in order to not misinterpret the symptoms which listening to the song can induce.

I am afraid to tell you that I have received reports that some edited pirate copies of “Mein Studentenmädchen” are circulating and even commercialized. I have to affirm that none of these alternative versions has ever been reviewed or authorized by myself. Therefore I cannot give any information on possible effects of these versions, especially negative ones.

However, I can guarantee the therapeutical effects of this Song (especially the 432 Hz version) as long as the original version, produced and distributed by my publisher Amici di Drik©- Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina S.L., is listened to.

Mein Studentenmádchen, a song I wrote in 1976, of which I am the author of both music and text, is obtenible, exclusively for personal use, via my publishing company in Spain “Amici di Dirk© – Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina” as follow:

  1. you can order it as an Audio-CD exclusively in my online shop
  2. Als MP3- und WAV-Format herunterladbar.

I am aware how easy it is to produce illegal copies and to use them for commercial purposes, but what I am concerned about and what I have to warn about is that anyone acquiring “Mein Studentenmädchen” by these means puts himself to risk to expose himself to a different version than the original one, which possibly leads to disturbance or destruction of the wonderful effect of this “archaic melody”.

Furthermore, the legal purchase of the song also means collaborating and supporting my research and years of work, and at the same time the deprivation of support of cheaters that appropriate themselves of foreign works and make profit of the suffering of others.

As the author of the melody and the text of “Mein Studentenmädchen” ich would like to give the melody as a present to all my patients. At the same time, I forbid to realize any modifications of the original melody, which I behold as holy and healing and any commercial utilization by any means. (more information)

Note: In order to play the song automatically in a continous loop, you need to ensure that your player has a repeat function (all CD players nowadays should have this option). To play the song „in loop“ (or to repeat the song) means that once the song has finished playing, it starts again from the beginning. This option should be activated on your player.

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